1. J

    Bike Berry Can't work out problem.

    First of all I wanted to work with this company and live in Florida. Shipping does a a while. i ordered Mag rims and they where defective.I did say wanted store credit and then only gave $35 when product was over $1000 when shipped both rims back and coasted money. They messed up and I called...
  2. L

    Friction drive kit questions

    Hello everyone i had a question for anyone who can touch up on the subject. Im new to 4 strokes and im buying this from bike berry soon. This is my first 4 stroke and my first friction drive and i was woundering what i can do to improve the size of the tank as well as keep my tires from balding...
  3. L

    Bike berrys four stroke friction drive...any good?

    Hay has anyone bought a friction drive 4 stroke kit from bike berry? What are your thoughts on it? Im primarily wanting one from a 2 b without much trouble. I was gonna buy a scooter from a buddy of mine but it aint working out. He wont contact me so my next option is a 4 stroke kit. Any thoughts?
  4. I

    Anyone have the expansion chamber with muffler?

    My 66cc motor won't hardly run with the stock muffler, when I take it off it runs like a champ. Anyone have bikeberrys expansion chamber with muffler? What do yo think of it? How much louder is a regular expansion chamber?
  5. D

    Centrifugal clutch be damned

    I've replaced the springs on the clutch twice, can't seem to locate a new flyweight anywhere. I have a 4stroke pull start from bikeberry, and they are out of stock. Does anyone know of any options I might have? The dust from the clutch pads go in to the transmission and cause it to lock up. Can...
  6. C

    Bike Berry Competition Video

    Hello! this is the official thread for the best motorbicycling show on the entire internet! These videos are for the bike berry video competition. Please post your honest critiques and comments on the vids! SECOND EPISODE: Here is the link to the first one...
  7. I

    What is the HP of ThatsDax engines?

    Does anyone know the actual hp of the F50 and F80 engines? The KTMC 49CC is 9 hp, but i don't know how accurate that is. BikeBerry claims that its cheapest 66/80 cc engine is 5-6 hp. But that seems kind of high considering it is 7/25th the cost yet 2/3rds the hp of the KTMC.
  8. fredgold52

    Does This Have a Hoot?

    I have read terrible things about the Hoot transmission. I found this kit from a guy in Canada. Can anyone tell me what sort of transmission this has? Thanks, Fred eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  9. I

    Baby's First Motor in Milwaukee, WI/Marquette, MI

    What's up, fellas? Name's Thunderhead, and I hail from the ridiculous weather capitol of the world, Marquette, MI. Presently, I live in Milwaukee, WI at my folks' house, working nights and saving dough for a yet-to-be-decided-upon adventure. I went to college for two years at Northern Michigan...
  10. B Cyber Monday Sale

    Hey Everyone! Jack from BikeBerry here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on our 1 Day Only, Cyber Monday sale. It's by far the best sale we have had to date! Here are the details: Save $40 on ALL of our Bicycle Engine Kits...