bicycle engine
  1. Testname111

    Athena minatellie vertical on bicycle

    This my bicycle I been working on, if you like hit the like button <3 Minarellie vertical with bikeberry F2 thrust exhaust Car muffler shop welded it for 25$ over night So question 1 This bicycle engine is not broken-In and goes about same speed as my broken-in 40mm stock China girl? Is it...
  2. Testname111

    My magneto generator idea?? please look

    If I take this waterproof sensor-less brushless motor 3pole 1 for spark 1 for ground 1 for accessory (looking to rectify to 12v d/c) bike/generator...
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized Felt Revolver with 99cc Predator engine

    Here's a Felt Revolver that I've been working on for a few days. I installed a 99cc Predator engine with a custom VMB engine mount, a GasBike clutch & reduction plate, & a 44t hub adapter. It's gonna have a black keg tank mounted on the bars & a hydraulic front disc brake when it's...
  4. Venice Motor Bikes

    My Cannondale Race Bike for the 2015 season

    So I finally decided to build a new race bike... (The old OM Flyer just didn't have enough room for a proper racing engine). :( After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to use a all aluminum Cannondale bike. I built it with new Felt 50mm wheels, I machined my own reed...
  5. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice Built Sportsman Flyer 99cc BTR

    This is a 99cc Sportsman Flyer bike that was built for a local customer... I'm really proud of how this one turned out (& now I have to build one for myself)! :D
  6. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice Ruff Cycles Chopper Build

    I just scored a Ruff Cycles frame & some wide custom wheels with a front Shimano roller brake... I'm thinking this bike will be a perfect platform for a 212cc Predator engine. (^) My plan is to powder coat it something special & install a custom gas tank... I'll post more pics as it happens. :)
  7. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized 1930s Schwinn Board Track Racer

    Here's some quick pix of a bike I've been slowly working on... It's a 1930s Schwinn 'C' Model. It's powder coated Emerald Green, & I just scored some Felt 1903 wheels & tires for it; so I thought I would take some pix. I also have a one of a kind 'in frame' tank that CCC made for it! (^)...
  8. Velodrome

    "Schwinn" front sproket on any one piece crank??

    Hi Guys. Im looking a a smaller front sproket for my upcoming Felt Twin build and I have found a nice one. BUT I also have heard things on this forum and elsewere that some or many Schwinn parts are not interchangable between breeds. Will a front pedal sproket from a Schwinn Stingray fit a one...
  9. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice 26" BMX style!!

    I built this one just because I've always loved old BMX bikes. This started life as a Schwinn Heavy Duty cruiser, but it totally has the old skool 26" BMX look now! The frame & fork are powder coated & I put one of my rear cylinder tanks on it. I also did a few hot rod tricks to the engine &...
  10. Newbie

    How should I paint an engine shroud?

    Hi guys, recently bought and installed a robin-subaru staton kit, and so far am loving it. However, the yellow shroud doesn't match the bike at all. How should I go about painting it? I was figuring degrease, light sand, primer, then paint, but then I found out about Krylon fusion. Apparently it...