1. B

    Clutch arm completely loose (and other problems during my first build)

    This was a long first time post about not putting in the bucking bar.
  2. carl clack

    clutch shaft

    Hey guys new to this Had my bike for 2 days and decided to start taking things apart just to check on them and see how it works ( i know now that this was not a good idea) long story short i cannot get the plate that holds the pin that pushes the bucking bar and accuator bearing to close, i was...
  3. B

    Bad clutch bearing

    The balls fell out from my clutch bearing so i have ordered a new one. I will get them tomorrow. But do you know if there are some better types of clutch bearing i could replace to? Have it happened to you that that some balls just falls off?
  4. shwnrttr

    converting unsealed to sealed bearing hubs?

    anybody ever tried to convert there unsealed hubs to sealed? alot of people will say it cant be done,but i used to do it all the time with bmx hubs years ago. just press the steal bearing race out of the hub. then press the correct size sealed bearing in its place. there is a curved area inside...
  5. R

    The bearing doctor!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread to once and for all end the needless forum searching for the proper bearing codes that belong to the 66cc GT-5 two stroke engine (and later all the other Chinese engines). This includes ALL bearings inside the engine. I believe there are 6 but if IM...
  6. T

    Rear Sprocket Mount

    hi, ive had my original 2-stroke bikeberry kit on my dad's old mountain bike for about 2 years now and everything is working great still. Although i will need to buy a THIRD rear wheel because the torque rips the spokes apart and a few have snapped already. I really dont want to be buying a...