beach cruiser
  1. K

    HELP... Bike doesn't start

    I recently put a high performance carb on my bike and when I tried to start it the motor would start but only make noise while I pulled the throttle and would get really choppy at high throttle, I ran it a little while to see if maybe it needed to cycle the gas through the carb. It didn't get...
  2. Hashbrown

    Good bike to put a 2stroke on?

    i was offered a 70’s amf voyager beach cruiser. Im concerned about the rear drop outs and if they will hold up, o havent seen it in person yet. What do you guys think, is it worth slapping a motor on?
  3. T

    Engine Backwards need help (can't mount any other way)

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, so I have a pretty sweet cruiser, but I can't make it drive yet because I have no idea how the heck I'm gonna make the output shaft spin clockwise to make the bike go forward instead of backwards You see the engine is mounted backwards it just doesn't...
  4. L

    Need help

    Hi guys my name is Luca and I was wondering what kit I should get for the 66cc 2 stroke engine kit. I live in canada Also there are so many kits like I am truly confused on which one to buy any suggestions. My budget is about 200 cad or 160 us on the kit. Also which bike should I get I don't...
  5. N

    For starters, I have a "forward pedal" 7 speed beach cruiser...

    It has 26 inch rims with cantilever brakes. I purchased this bike with hopes that I can eventually put an engine on it. I'm a noob as my name states, so please help any way you guys can. I want to start off small and safety is essential. I was thinking of trying to modify it to disc brakes so...
  6. NutrientR46

    Back in Black

    This is my second build, and it came pretty soon since my last bike got stolen(my folly for thinking a cable bike lock was a good idea :( ). Mistakes I made on my last build weren't made on this one, and I really think this bike is waaaaayyyyy nicer than my last one, although I wish I still...
  7. C

    Schwinn Del Mar

    I recently just put a Stinger SD 66cc engine kit on my 26" Schwinn Del Mar beach cruiser. Everything was running great after it was all put together. Unfortunately my dog knocked it over and now it won't start. I cleaned the carberator, checked to see if anything was wrong with the float and...
  8. Mavaik


    Hello, everyone! I'm new here and figured I should show off my first (and very temperamental) first build, 'Marvin (3.0)'. He's a 2011 Schwinn DelMar with a Raw 50cc motor kit. Extras and upgrades: -Throttle/brake lever combo kit -Schwalbe Big Ben tires -Rear dual basket...
  9. R

    26 Schwinn delmar

    here is my bike as of now. got a cheap 40$ bike from ebay, had shocks on it so I put them on my bike after some cutting .weld the shock makes a huge difference, I really wasn't expecting much. Check out my video for more details, and I am open to all suggestions on how to utilize every...
  10. LabRat

    54 Roadmaster Luxury Liner BT Mod

    54 Roadmaster Luxury Liner BT Mod. Powered by 79cc Predator. Seatpost is solid steel cut to order by fourm member Inked1974. Rear Sproket by Pat of Original spring forks, chain guard and frame were seperate ebay wins. Three piece crank conversion Note the boring...
  11. D

    High RPM Knocking!?

    when i get into higher speeds on my 80cc beach cruiser, I hear a fast knocking sound and would like to know if I should be worried about that? or what is causing it?
  12. G

    My first Beach Cruiser Build

    I'm new to the MB community and I'm in the middle of my first build. I'm very excited and I've been spending a couple hours every night reading the forums on here and learning from those that have come before me. I've already learned so much that I wish I had taken a different approach, but let...
  13. J

    Laser Cut DIY Tail Light

    Hi, ... just wanted to share some picks on my LED tail light. The complete instructions on how to build it are at Laser-Cut Bike Light Enjoy!
  14. N

    Shift kit with 3 speed internal hub shifter???

    has anyone motorized a beach cruiser with a 3 speed internal hub shifter and put a shift kit on it? it seems like it would top out to fast in 3rd gear.
  15. N

    Coaster Brake Problem-Need Help?

    How do I get the sprocket on my bike with coaster brakes without messing up the arm?