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  1. Map My Ride Oct. 14.PNG

    Map My Ride Oct. 14.PNG

    Mark 1 Cruise Hybrid
  2. D

    66cc 2 stroke bike quit turning on, I’m new to this please help!

    hey I been reading this forum for a while and can’t find a solution so decided to make a post. I bought a used 66cc bike off someone it’s broken in beautifully and it was running amazing. I use it for work as a courier and I only rode it for one day about 6 hours. I sat down to smoke a cig and...
  3. O

    Bottom gasket...wth?

    I got a flying horse 66cc motor about a year ago, magneto coil went twice, just got it running again...before the mag went I had to cut out two bottom gaskets to raise the jug up enough to keep the piston from slapping the head...I just got new gaskets, I thought maybe the gasket was meant to be...
  4. C

    Schwinn Del Mar

    I recently just put a Stinger SD 66cc engine kit on my 26" Schwinn Del Mar beach cruiser. Everything was running great after it was all put together. Unfortunately my dog knocked it over and now it won't start. I cleaned the carberator, checked to see if anything was wrong with the float and...
  5. massdrive

    2 motorized bicycles With GT2 Frames

    I'm building two custom motorized bicycles with GT2 aluminum frames, Worksman 26 x 2.125 alloy wheels, coil spring suspension forks, alloy stems and bars. I recently finished mocking up one bike, I plan on painting it royal blue so I'm calling it the "Royal". It has a front drum brake and the...