49 cc

  1. Hashbrown

    Good bike to put a 2stroke on?

    i was offered a 70’s amf voyager beach cruiser. Im concerned about the rear drop outs and if they will hold up, o havent seen it in person yet. What do you guys think, is it worth slapping a motor on?
  2. Hashbrown

    49cc piston

    I know that there are two different size pistons, is that only for 66/80cc or does the 49cc have two differant sizes? I just bought a reed valve and wanted a windowed piston (or modify one) but everywhere ive looked they don’t specify if it is a 40mm or 38mm. The place where i bought my kit...
  3. H

    My Micargi Rover GT build

    Hey guys just wanted to show off my Micargi build which will be holding a 49cc 4 stroke with a 4G T belt. Right now its just for looks because I got to find a good way to grind down the front engine mount and go through and thread lock all the bolts and grease the bearings better add a gas tank...
  4. F

    HS 49cc 5g Hoot test drive

    Sorry for the poor quality camera. I attempted to demonstrate how well the clutch works at low speeds compared to the factory setup that slipped all the way up to 14 mph. Lark Video Productions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xttd08_Wb0&feature=youtu.be