Schwinn ambi throttle pic 1
demo video

Schwinn ambi throttle pic 1 demo video

I got the idea from a guy who was using his downtube shifters as trim adjusters for his new STI type shifters on a road bike. I've seen a lot of people using these thumbies as throttles, under the bar, like an ATV/4 wheeler thumb throttle. I couldn't do that because I have brakes with shift pods attached. This works ok, and the cruise control function is nice. I like to pedal hard when taking off from stops and traffic lights, so this lets me just go 100% on the gas and shift through any necessary gears. Its only 1.5 hp, so even if you panic stop, it will just slow up or slip on the tire till you thumb down the throttle. Ride video to follow sometime.
I like this bar better than the drop bar. I lose a few mph in strong winds, but my arms are more comfortable. The rubber wrap has stayed put and held up well. I like it a lot.

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Dax Drive/Tanaka on Schwinn Avenue/Pscyhocross bike!
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