Motorized Schwinn Jaguar 7-speed
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Motorized Schwinn Jaguar 7-speed

I have this same bike but it appears to be to large to mount it with the stock mounts that come with the motor kit. Is it possible to get pics of how this motor is mounted on your Schwinn Jaguar 26" Cruiser? Thanks
To be more clear when I mount the rear mount to the seat tube the front of the engine mount is nowhere close to the frame unless I lower the motor, at which point the clutch cover hits the chain guard. Hope I have made sense in describing my issue.
I have also tried getting the rubber mounts that are sold on, unfortunately, these are sold out and will not be restocked until February and I cannot find any of these mounts with 8mm studs for my particular setup. Here is a link to what I am talking about.


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