i used leather to make a sound dampner on the motor it works great got alot quietier with it

i used leather to make a sound dampner on the motor it works great got alot quietier with it

I like the leather I used a mouse pad "A Nice one with the hard shiny rubber on one side". That's the area I put outward, works great also, It's still on the cover today. All the Nay Sayers said it would melt , yet it hasn't as of yet and it's been like 6 months of daily riding. Safe to say it isn't gonna melt . Not to be nosy Slot, but why not run that clutch cable along the lower frame bar that the CDI is hooked up to would b e much neater and less friction on the cable when applying the clutch. Also do you live in a flood prone area? I'm guessing that's what the snorkel is for, deep puddles?
the snorkle works like a forced air tube gave me a little more power i got to 52mph now i love this bike im starting to build a new one it ill be black in memory of my fav nascar driver dale earnhardt ill post pics soon
I like your build, particularly the snorkel air intake.
I recently bought an Onyx bike from Walmart that
I plan to motorize like this soon. I am wondering if
one recirculates a portion of the exhaust back into
the intake if it would create more of a vacuum to
draw in additional air into the intake? Also I am working
on a unique fuel vaporization technique that involves
wrapping a copper fuel line around the exhaust manifold
before it goes to the carburetor, thus increasing the fuel's
volume as a gaseous vapor as the engine heats up from
riding. I was originally going to try this on a motorcycle
that I have until I lost my driver's license last October over
financial complications stemming from my divorce.....sigh.
Still, if this can be done on a smaller scale on a motorized
bicycle 150 mpg may become close to 300 mpg, and if that
works out, I guess that would be pretty cool.
We'll see when I get it put together I guess.

If the re-circulation of the exhaust into the intake don't
work out.....I wonder if some type of turbo booster could
be improvised for such a small engine and if so I wonder
what type of adverse effects if any it might have on the
motor if this could be done. It's just stuff I'm pondering.

Nice looking bike.

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better pics of my first build
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