The huff and "Puff Huffy" I totaled this bike on the morning of January 1st 2012 victim of dreaded "Black Ice"
Dood , my head hit the ground so fast and hard it split my helmet ... I think the helmet must have been frozen because no way should that styro foam have cracked like that ..No doubt in my mind that if I didn't have my helmet on I would prob. still be in a coma . I get a headache just thinking about that day It happened so fast I couldn't even get my feed of the pedals. It was just one of those I'm just going out for 5minutes to the store and back less than 300 yards round trip , Thats why when ever my niece of nephew try to feed em the " But I'm not even gonna go out of the drive way" on their bikes and do not want to wear their helmets I make them wear them/ I don't care if your going 3 feet if you touch the bike kid put the helmet on . granted I never wore one as a kid but hey no one did.

When I was a kid knee / shin / elbow pads were for rink hockey and that was it!!!

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