End result, pic #2.  Expect more changes though.  I need a bigger in-frame tank.

End result, pic #2. Expect more changes though. I need a bigger in-frame tank.

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Awesome bike, I think I have the same frame but I have a color flow bee hive style
Springer fork. You did a great job on this.
Thanks, Jayson, for the compliment. You know, I happen to have a beehive-style springer fork on hand, but I like the look of the old truss forks. So I restored it with the forks it came with. I've ridden bikes with springers. The truss fork rides just fine; not harsh at all. Way better than I would have expected. I may keep the springer fork for another ride, but I won't be installing it on this one.
you know, if you swiched to electric, you would need no bigger a tank ;)
Actually, Semaj, I am currently working on plans for a velomobile. I thought about electric many times. But here in Indiana, nearly all electricity is produced by coal-burning power plants. As a result (if the numbers are to be believed) the power used by the few electric cars we have pollutes just as much as if they used gasoline, which isn't much per car either way. Now, I don't claim to know squat about climate change, but as a hunter and outdoors-man, I have a profound love for nature and the planet. So the next vehicle I build will run on whatever I ate that morning. Probably also coffee. Yeah, it'll run on recycled coffee. :)
You need that Fuel converter from Back to the future!
The whole coal thing is why I want to get onto solar myself, But one step at a time eh?

It is still a profoundly awesome bike! <3
And you know, I haven't forgotten about hydrogen fuel cells. Nor recycled frying oil. Ideas...ideas...

But, in a roundabout way, my velomobile will indeed run on coffee. Especially on chilly mornings. Coffee and maybe a donut or two; yeah, that should give it/me enough gas to get to work. :)

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