Death Race #3

Death Race #3

Hey Scotto, nice build! I'm sure you're probably aware...I'm also doing a 4 stroke build using the 79cc predator. Have you upgraded this mad machine since the picture was taken? That would look really cool with a double front disc brake or even a single disc! Let me know!
Thanks.......that was a bike that I upgraded from a 2-stroke that I raced at the last Death Race years ago. That bike now has no engine and is all black.....I gave it to one of my sons. Here was the build from the 2-stroke, to the 49cc 4-stroke:

The same son has the HF 79cc that I converted from my old original HS 49cc which is almost the same aluminum frame but a bit larger. That build is here:

Here is a pic of the blue bike when it was a 2-stroke:

And this is what it looks like today (without engine):

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