I had this same bike Huffy huh? Same seat rims & tires I got 38 Mph one day top speed before it started shutting down on me . Then on Jan.1st 2012 @ 6am I was coming back from a run to the store I hit a patch of black ice and slid into a dumpster cracking the frame where the tube meets the crank housing. i rode it home though only the motor was holding it together That day sucked ...cracked 2 ribs cut my leg pretty good and slammed my head so hard the helmet broke I went down so fast D~rock my feet were still on the pedals & pedaling when I hit the ground!! Ire welded it but eventually I put everything onto my 1995 Schwinn 100th Anniversary Edition Mountain Bike "See pic's in my profile" It's much more balanced But I kept the Huffy seat & Handle bars I like the space they provide , You can see both bikes on my profile The green Kawasaki was one I built & sold
Drock how do you like that Carb over the stock one? is it faster better idle any advantages to having it? I have one that came with the Kawi motor but I never put it on after so many bad reviews but what do you think about it?
The sucks to hear about the crash man, I hope I never experience that. Few close calls but nothing that serious, you feeling better?

The new carb is way better than the stock one that comes with the kits. It's faster and functions nicely. Only problems I've had with it is air and fuel leaks. Both were fix, fuel leaked from the float bowl just used some gasket sealer. Air leaked where the carb goes on the intake, one reason is I lost the original screw to tightening it on the intake. Minus the problems it's far better than the CNS stock carb. One thing if it's going on the cranbrook, it will be a very tight fit.
You could pay more and get a real delltero (however you spell it lol) and it would probably have less issues, but for 30 bucks it's a pretty good deal.

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