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Not sure if your still on here but I saw your exaust modification video-
Where did you pick up that silencer and did you have to modify the pipe?
Hi dan
Been a while since last post[two years!!]
Since home now figured i have time for build,
All done except for seat, need to lower and set back seat ,where can i get a bracket for upper frame arm want to put bracket around frame then make piece to go up to seat lkke I've seen others do. dont have a welder to use to weld one on frame.
Thanks bill
Bacon chain bit the dust right after this message
Need help tuning my tron mobile I run 4 ounces of oil to a gallon of gas I ride then come home check my plug and its black with brown tip
Hi there! I was hoping you could help me. What is a Martin Road Runner Whizzer worth? I have one that is complete less fenders, carb, and timing chain cover, but needs full restoration.