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installing the sick bike parts uhd 2 stroke shift kit to my bca 29" mtn bike......... what a operation and a process!!! put together, take apart, adjust, put back together, take apart, paint, final install after 4 days later.... well worth the extra cash for this kit vs the ebay chinese kit! double the cost, but again, like anything, u get what u pay for!!! very impresssed with everything
Hi Greg
You said in one of your posts that you use Lucas.If it is the oil additive i'm quite familiar with it.Never used it in a 2 stroke.How much per gallon Carburetor Al
I use Lucas semi-synthetic two stroke oil mixed at 32/1.
carburetor al
Hi Greg58 I am very sorry that I missed your reply! Thank you! So it looks like just gas and oil,no additives.
The lethal Angel motorized bicycle club was founded in 2020
cart man
brave to use anything to do with angels and bike clubs!! there is and always will be just 1...... an we all know who, no need to name anybody...... id never wear or be a part of anything angels unless it says the word "support" or "prospect" before it!!! if not your just asking for unwanted attention.....just my 2 cents... lol... good luck with the new club!
Not sure if your still on here but I saw your exaust modification video-
Where did you pick up that silencer and did you have to modify the pipe?
Hi dan
Been a while since last post[two years!!]
Since home now figured i have time for build,
All done except for seat, need to lower and set back seat ,where can i get a bracket for upper frame arm want to put bracket around frame then make piece to go up to seat lkke I've seen others do. dont have a welder to use to weld one on frame.
Thanks bill
Bacon chain bit the dust right after this message
Need help tuning my tron mobile I run 4 ounces of oil to a gallon of gas I ride then come home check my plug and its black with brown tip