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Went for a cpl rides (oils is at 35-1) seems a little hot but they were 20 min rides with a 10 min break,
Hello Anne,
It's been a long time since we heard from you. Silverbear, Curt and I and some of the old gang who are still here were talking about your thread today so I'd thought I would send you a message, not to be a bother.

If you can I'd love to hear from you. Here or {[email protected]}

All the best.

got the jets in larry thanks again i put the round on my carb and the needle is on the lowest point as you told me to do...did not ride the bike yet its raining here off and on so ill will ride it tomorrow. now if it start to bog i rais the needle one nudge i take it?
I am learning. Just purchased a Huffy Nel Lusso from Walmart. Wanted to go the 4 stroke route; however, it appears the 4 stroke will not fit. So.........the 2 cycle route will have to do. Really like the looks of the Nel Lusso. Should have done a little more frame size research prior to purchasing, but this a 'first timer' project and will most likely not be the last build.
Tom from Rubicon
Tom from Rubicon
A 49cc Huasheng fits, 79cc predators fits. Start a proper thread.
Thanks for the info. My frame is much different then yours pictured.
I appreciate everyone's patience and knowledge and I will strive to become a helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging member of our community. Thank you all!

Ride on right on!