WTB:135 cc Vortev(???) header pipe,or fabbed head pipe



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May 21, 2008
Hello forum members
I don't know if this is the correct forum to post race kart engine parts WTB,but will try anyway;I am looking for either a custom built/cast/fabbed header pipe
that looks similar to the attached photo uploaded with this post.

Ideally,I need a cast,or fabbed flange with the specific dimensions:center-to-center header mtg flange bolt spacing should be 2.75 inches,and header flange exhaust port
dimensions should be approximately 2 inches Wide X 1 inch Tall!

The uploaded picture is of a 135 cc Vortev(??) 2 cycle kart engine header pipe with a CTC of 2.5 inches(which could be adapted to my engine if all other specs are close enough to work on my MB project engine!),but I will probably have to mod the ball/socket end of the 135 cc type head pipe to fit my project engines position!!.bld.


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