Work on Studded tire and ride


Sep 15, 2009
Alta. Canada.
High , its been a long time , . Life has taken me away from the forum for a while . I see that I have 100 or so messages and Im sorry that I was not here . Anyway , I have a video where I work on my studded tire , and then I go for a ride . I have different methods of doing this , The studs that I am using are standard but I can get racing studs that have a longer carbide stud , but the same size screw so the studs will just fit the Tioga Psycho 2 , Tioga was the first to come out with the Psycho 2 and now many tire companies are using the name . The tire is made by Bridgestone , just a coincidence my Motor system is also Bridgestone , that just happens to be the same source company . Anyway here is the link .

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