Which bike is best for 80cc engine kit


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Feb 20, 2009
Charlotte, NC
Hi Forum:
I am new member and just received my 80cc kit. I have two bicycles and don't know which to use to install kit and need advice in this area. One is a new WalMart Santa Fe Cruiser with a coaster brake only. The other is an early Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike that is like new. I like the brakes best on the Schwinn much better but it has the cables running underneath the top frame bar that may bind under the fuel tank. Plus, the Schwinn is a little tall for a short guy like me. Can you add a front wheel brake to bike with a coaster brake? Any and all suggestions appreciated.


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Oct 21, 2008
Urbandale Ia
One thing you might look at is the diameter of the front tube that the engine will mount to. The radius that is cast into these engines is set up for no more than 1 1/8" tube. Not a real big deal but you will have to do some motor mount work. Yes it is easily possible to put a front caliper brake on the bike with the coaster brake.



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May 28, 2008
Mishawaka, IN
Hello and welcome,
Do you intend to use it as transportation or just fun.
I had the opposite situation as you. I had an old kids mountain bike with only a front brake. This bike got the motor until I could find a bike that had better brakes and looked better.
I ended up buying a Kuluna Moon Dog cruiser, its got good brakes and is a 7 speed. It's also fairly comfortable to ride.
Yes it is possible to add a front brake, the easiest to add would be the caliper type also known as u-brakes. Your Schwinn probably has this type. For more info on brake see this thread.
Don't forget about gearing for the peddling, it is more difficult to take off on the one speed bike.
As for the cables on the schwinn, you can place the bracket between the frame and cables so it won't bind your brake or shifters.


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
One consideration is the engine mounts which are designed to fit nearly perfectly into a 'V' frame bike such as the mountain bike you say you have. Many of the cruiser style frames have a curvature to the down tube that requires a special mount to attach the front of the engine to the bike. That isn't a big deal if you're handy with metal working and there are a couple of commercially available adapters for the cruiser frame. When you decide on which to build (motorize) send us some pix of the finished project and don't hesitate to ask if you run into a problem along the way. Oh, and welcome to the forum.