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May 1, 2016
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had a good source for wide aluminum rims. I was looking for something about
39mm minimum. Wanted to go wider. Maybe as much as 3" I have a square black rim that I'm trying to match also. It is about 39mm at the widest part.


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Nov 28, 2012
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Good luck with that. 39mm is classified as an extra wide regular rim, with most "wide" regular rims topping around 32mm. Fat rims are classified as 50mm and above. 65mm is a common minimum fat rim width- that's 2.5". I hear the best fat rims are robsson rims in Germany, check them out they have really good prices.

You can find cheap fat rims on eBay but I must caution you that they are all single wall. For motorized use you wanna go double wall; and the eBay double wall rims cost a lot more.

In xseler's post he links to niagara fat rims; see the wheelmasters for $39? Those are single wall and you wanna stay away from those.
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Aug 18, 2009
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Choppersus.com has double-wall, no name alloys for a good price. I'm pretty sure they're Weinman rims, just without the name.

I bought a set of 24x3's from them, advertised at 69.95 each. Their website claimed they were in stock, but they were stuck on the boat in long beach harbor during the shipping strike last year, so they took three months, but they refunded my shipping charges and emailed me a "sorry 'bout that."

I'd call before ordering and make sure someone goes in the warehouse and personally guarantees they're in stock.

Edit: just checked their website and it says the online store is being remodeled. Could try to call though, see what happens.
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