When your hot , your hot........or not?

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    Nov 13, 2011
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    I was wondering if I can get any input on cylinder head temps. I am running a two stroke 66cc engine with no mods except for an expansion chamber and different carb. I have the "trail tech vapor" combo that has spark plug temp sensor ring. At about 76 degrees ambient, I am running between 275 and 350 degrees(depending on how hard I am running it). On a long pull up a hill with a 40 tooth gear, it maxed out at 434 degrees(it was till running strong at that temp). I guess my question or would like to have input on is...is anybody else seeing those kinds of temps. The engine runs fine at those temps, the plug reading is good, and oh by the way I am running the SHA 16.16 Dellorto carb. The temps I am stating here assumes the Vapor reading is fairly accurate. Any input would be appreciated but not sure what else I would do to get the temps down other than go rich on the carb and have it four stroking any running crappy.

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