Wheels won't spin, clutch already looked into...

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle Trouble Shooting' started by 3zekiel, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Aug 9, 2016
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    So, I ordered a bike kit. Bicycle Motor Works is the company, Big Kahuna model.
    Put the whole thing together *correctly*, wheels wouldn't move. Looked it up online, most common issue was clutch. Disassembled relevant parts, found metal shavings underneath the clutch plate. Clutch plate is off right now, gears resist turning when I use a screwdriver to manually turn the little gear. I have oiled up the big and small gears opposite the gear connected to the chain. What are the usual suspects and what are my options? I've been at this for two days and the last new information I have is hit the 3 pins under where the clutch plate was with a hammer. I'm not hitting it with a hammer until I can consult with some veterans.
    This is a fresh, unused motor. I've noticed that these things tend to sit in boxes and rust up.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. Tyler6357

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    Mar 15, 2012
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    Remove the clutch cover, take out spark plug, and use a wrench to see if the drive sprocket does turn. Maybe it's just stuck from sitting in the box and needs loosening up.
  3. crassius

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    Sep 30, 2012
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    this should be a no brainer and you shouldn't be taking things apart until you can see where the problem is

    open master link to see if rear wheel turns - take out spark plug and turn nut on drive sprocket to see if motor turns - pull clutch lever turn drive sprocket nut and see if part of clutch turns

    once you find exactly where it is stuck, then fix that part
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    You said "Wheels". Does that mean front and rear wheels? If so it sounds like you didn't install the wheels correctly and didn't adjust the bearing pre-load.

    And why did you start by taking the clutch apart? That was a mistake.

  5. plugpopper

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    it's the inner "wheel" with the 3 pins on the big gear. take out all clutch pads and then tap the pins either way and it should break it free and spin with no problem. I had the same issue with a engine from bicycle motor works too. otherwise is a great kit and runs great

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