what ever happened to



minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
All that talk about they were going to ban the china bike engine. And that everyone one of us was a criminal for buying them. I sold mine so I guess I'm no longer a criminal.

I don't know, at the time I thought that it was a lot of BS but then what do I know. I remember catching **** for saying that i guess a few times more than I should have.

Anyway it just seemed to die away, or has it gone underground. Are there homeland security agents ready to pounce on you all. Even more important will they set up special prisons for you all. If they do you can all build weed eater bikes and sell them on ebay.


Jul 17, 2008
Around here we have too many people with way too much time on their hands. Problem is when they congregate we get organizations like the California Coastal Commission. It took Target well over 4 years and several environmental impact studies to demolish a vacant Montgomery Wards store and build a Target because it is within a few miles of the coast.

H*ll it's almost as if one needs an environmental impact study to flush the toilet here.