What do you think of this bike and kit?


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May 25, 2016
Seekonk, Ma
Going to be doing my first my first build. Considering this bike to start with.


Wanted to know what you think about the bike and about front suspension on an MB. I am 6'3" and 240lbs so I need something kinda big.
This is the kit I think I'm going with:


As far as engine kit, it was suggested to me by a veteran builder in AZ.
I've been wrenching for years, but never built an MB. I saw one about 5 years ago and was very intrigued by them.
There is a grip shifter on this bike, so any suggestions to get around that, they would be appreciated.


Feb 10, 2013
Southeastern GA
The name Giant is only a brand, so it could actually be any number of 7 different sizes.


One concern some will have is that the frame is aluminum, thus susceptible to premature stress cracking. Aluminum work hardens with repeated impacts and vibration. I have a gt2-a frame, and have not had issues. I attribute that to the well balanced engine and solid mounts.

Also, the frame diameter may be too big for the engine mount. I would not want to use the alternate mount on an aluminum frame. It's a little U-bolt that could crush right through the frame. There is another mount made for large diameter frames, and I believe sickbikeparts sells it. Worth looking at if that's the frame you decide on.

The engine, I know nothing about. It may be a winner for all I know. If you're somewhat mechanically inclined then I'd tear it down upon receipt and clean it up before installing it. I would also look in to balancing it. It doesn't take much. A small, accurate scale and some time is really all you need.