What do you all think of this



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Aug 7, 2008
Amazon.com: Chain Tensioners, Surly 1 x 1 Singleator, Black: Sports & Outdoors

i have the stock chain tensioner and i have like 5 miles on it.
there is already considerable wear on the little plastic piece of c----

i thought this might be able to be mounted in place of the one i have or mount it on the v of the frame next to the engine.

what do you all think.

i really dont think the one i have will last and am ready to not be nervious about riding long distances.

also i have changed to a #41 chain and have a speedomiter
any other modifications you all do id like to know of.

also id just like to say how awsome it is to have all these people who are so help full and obsessed with the same thing