what about it???



minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Most of you know I build my bikes a certain way for my own set of needs. What I need is a low rear so I can swing my old worn out body over the bike and engine that usually hangs on there somewhere. I also need short pedals because my fat self has trouble getting my knees high enough to work the normal pedals. Also it's nice to have a smaller chain ring to make pedaling from a stop sign easier.

Now what I have done in the past is to find two old bikes. I get one 26" and one 20". I switch out the rear wheel, the crank set and the chain ring. It isn't hard to do. I also usually switch out the handle bars to get a little more height on them.

So today I'm in the shop working on drive wheels when I notice the last 20" frame that I haven't tossed yet. I'm looking and it really doesn't look all the different from the customized assembled one beside me. I wonder if I have been doing it the hard way. Why not swap the front fork instead of all that other nonsense. I wonder how much difference there is in the frames. Anybody have any experience with that swap.


New Member
Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I think as long as the front tubes are the same size you shouldn't ahve an issue swapping out the front forks, though I think it changes the geometry and thus the strength of the bike. But then you aren't bombing WOT through the streets.