Well it happened...

Denis Zen

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Mar 30, 2021
Riding up highway 101 at sunset
Compound fractured both bones in my left forearm, 4 broken ribs, broken pinky knuckle, bruised kidney and scrapes and cuts... Thankfully I was wearing my crash gear and helmet.

It appears to have been on purpose as they swerved over into the bike lane and slammed on the breaks right infront of me causing me to hit the back of the car before I could hit my break.

Unfortunately the car was reported stolen several days before the incident so no recourse there, BUT I did get a look at the passenger and I wont forget his face.

Little back story: 15 years ago I was down at the American River on the claybanks swimming with some friends and noticed this young lady was being hassled by these guys, Being raised by a southern gentleman ( my dad) I was strictly brought up to defend a lady no matter what the situation (within reason) and intervened and ended up getting into a pretty big brawl but saving the young lady but taking a few good licks in the scuffle.

Little did I know she was the little sister of one of the founding members of G force, a fairly well known and established mexican street gang here in Sacramento.

Several days later I had a group of 15 latino young bloods show up on my doorstep asking everso politely to speak with me. At first I thought it was going to be a showdown but when I went outside I was met with cheers and showered with great compliments and out of one of the vehicles steps the young lady who's honor I had stood for.

She said something to someone sitting in the car and then waved me over and as I went over I saw who it was. Im still thinking is this a set up... Homeboy motion for me to get in the car which I did and he began to thank me and tell me who and what the situation was.

After handing me a wad of cash and a kilo of good weed and a bottle of fine tequila he have me a "courtesy card" and told me if I need anything at all to call him.

Well beings that the little mother ******* that ran me off the road were Latino I think its time to call in my marker and see if I can find out who these guys are...

If I do... I will be happy to collect on them.

Violence? Not at all... My mom's house could stand to be painted and landscaped and the backyard whipped into shape... I think that would be fitting as violence only breeds violence.

Watch out little vatos I'm coming for you.