weed eater friction drive question



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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I notice that most of of the friction drives on here don't use the clutch that came with the weed eater, I'm wondering why not?

I used the clutch that came with my weed eater and it lets me leave the drive wheel engaged with the tire if I'm pedaling, if I want to. The engine isn't turning over when I'm pedaling...

Can I mention that I'm loving this bike and I can't wait to get to the RMV here and get it legal so I can ride it all over town? It's so much fun! I'm hoping to get my butt to Wally World or the local bike shop and snag a bike peg for the drive shaft, right now I'm using the end shaft from the trimmer, didn't measure it but it's about an inch in diameter.

I got my partner on the thing too and she loved riding it around the street here, came back with a big grin on her face asking me when I was gonna get my butt to the RMV and make it legal! There's something about these DIY bikes that just make people smile!


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I mostly don't use mine because my mount wouldn't allow me to keep all that front end stuff. My mount uses the holes where the shroud connects to secure the mount to the engine.

Also my drive wheels thread onto the drive shaft. I never thought that the centrifugal clutch was strong enough. Probably all these things could be handled if I was smarter,

How about a photo of your arrangement so we can see how you managed it.

About the home brew and people's heads, heck I can hardly make a ride without being pulled over to explain the bike. It's why I am writing the how to booklet.
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