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Jun 28, 2008
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One day in October, I got a Google Alert about a group of Dutch Moped'ers cruising from Chicago to LA on US 66.

(Knowing most MBer's are checking out both sites, part of this is a copy, but I'm still looking at the daily reports the team put up, and these repeated mentioning of troubles is NOT that impressive !!?

In other words, they started with NYTimes coverage, but if you follow their tour, MB's don't come out as very reliable.

Velosolex America - Across America on a French Moped

Now joining the ranks of those indefatigable road-trippers are 19 men and one woman from the Netherlands, who recently followed historic Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica, Calif., aboard Velosolex mopeds.

The group, which had a host of Dutch and American sponsors, left from the Art Institute in Chicago on September 27 and arrived in California on Wednesday (October 23). Along the way, the riders seem to have encountered the usual bits of road-trip Americana: the world’s largest rocking chair, a teepee motel and a suspect meal at Taco Bell. A diary of the tour, which also raised funds for three different charities, is here.

Essentially a single-gear bicycle with a motor mounted on the front wheel, the original Velosolex was a popular and cheap form of transportation in the mid-20th century. Part of the appeal, of course, is the machine’s simplicity — the 49cc two-cycle engine assists the rider up to a speed of about 20 miles an hour, and the engine is engaged via a hand lever in front of the handlebars.
The group had an escort, and a daily report site, I picked a random date (9/28) to check it out.

Daily Report R66

For René Moritz the name Pontiac stands for the sound of a big V8-engine from this American car. A history of carraces goes to his head.

After the slaughter of the new Velosolexes, is the new challenge for René not to peddle to much today. Yesterday he destroyed a engine within 100 yards! But today he wouldn't be Lance Armstrong, and stay off of the peddles. Just tjop away really relaxed.

After a proper American breakfast with just sweet stuff, some repairs had to be done.

We planned to drive at 08:45, so were on our way a 10:15.

You can choose any another day, clicking the calender below.

Daily Report R66

My question is, did Velosolex folks check into the MB forums?

Or did anybody see the group pass through their neighborhood?

It sounds like it was a good thing they had a support truck escorting them, and they don't go into too much detail on the breakdowns or performance.

(IF I had time to read the entire daily reporting, which are photo heavy/not dialup friendly).

Do we have any witnesses on line?
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