Want to build a starter powered bike?

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    Nov 24, 2014
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    Hey I need advice on building my vintage bicycle into a starter powered bicycle.

    Thinking a used starter from ford, and a old car battery that can power me for at least 5 miles.

    On the front tire I want to install a car alternator as well to help keep a balance while I pedal?

    Any advice? A ford f250 starter from 89 as well for alternator because the regulators external on this years model.
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    May 25, 2008
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    Cool project, Sign.

    I tried making an alternator with a stater. Failed but forget why.

    Really looking forward to seeing what ya come up with!
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    Apr 7, 2019
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    So, did you ever build the bike? Also, I would have used a Chrysler Gear reduction starter , more torque and less battery draw. Also, I have seen a few videos where people have used a car alternator for an electric motor. it apparently involves removing the charge circuit and exposing the stator wires, then wiring 3 sets of wires into a y configuration into your controller. You can buy a controller, or get one from a junked Razor scooter.
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