Sep 8, 2008
I just gotta share this---For our 46th wedding anniversary I bought Maggie a 2001 Yamaha Virago 250 to learn on. She loved it. She is a champion quality Scrabble player on the confuser.She plays against Mavin, a robot. I came in one day and she jumped me saying "You knew what you were doing when you bought me that motorcycle! Thought it was funny didn't you? " What the H--- are you talking about? "Here- Look up Virago!" I did and it said a loud, abusive woman, a shrew, a scold--Vir-virile, Ago-Man-like. Then she laughed and I was off the hook. I HAD to share it online with the Virago crowd. That resulted in a letter from "Bug" stating, "Actually it is Latin for Maiden Warrier".
The yamy shop got a kick out of it also Keith (trackfodder) Williams :D

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Yeah, that's a funny one.
Great bike too! Has she taken to it like a fish to water yet?

I got my wife/daughters a Yamaha Vino 50cc scooter. Thought they would think it was "cute". They all took turns wrecking it before it ever got to see pavement, so now it's mine. I rode it over 2000 miles so far this summer.