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Mar 13, 2017
Cincinnati, OH
This is an update from site rules that were posted years ago

The rules are simple.
  1. BE KIND TO OTHERS - This is the number one rule for a reason. Be helpful to others. There are many levels of builders and tinkerers. Treat all members with respect. If you have a different opinion about something, or have something critical to say, there are nice, and not so nice ways to say things. Remember, this is a public forum. When you say something publicly about someone, it's received differently than when said privately.
  2. Do not curse. - Do not use workarounds for the word filters to sneak them in.
  3. Use the search function for the topic you are looking for and add to that thread. If nothing is found, start a new thread
  4. If someone has a question, answer it with a link if it's already been covered. A response of "use the search", is not needed. Most likely, the person couldn't find it. It's all about helping each other.
  5. No spamming/solicitation/fund-raising of any kind.
  6. Have fun and share with others.
  7. The forum is about motorized bicycles, so let's try to keep things about them. No politics or religion on the forum
  8. Don't be afraid you may mess up on a post. We can fix it.
  9. Be careful to not make suggestions that could seriously injure others.
  10. If you notice anyone not following these rules, click report at the bottom of the post.
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