up grades before engine instalation


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Feb 13, 2019
I have recently ordered the bike plus engine kit DIY,its named, The Punisher, a 66cc eng kit with 7speed mt bike, nice lookin, but hears my trip,I'm a gardener working with my bicycle and trailer.normally I have a 80 pound dog with me and all the tools,witch consist of lawnmower,trimmers saws ,blowers hand tools and gas that's allot of **** to pedal around and its heavy especially the dog,with the new engine kit 66cc I'm not real sure if the stock engine is going to pull the load,I've been doing this **** a long time but for the past 3 years I've been doing it on my own on my bicycle I need more power than my legs ,straight up driver's license is out so dont ask,I a non driver,I pedal my ass off but not for too much longer ,now down to the point,can 80cc described parts be used on a 66cc engine ,I understand there is no 80cc,is a foren calculation, of displacemen from what I gather all the **** should all be compatible NO?