turnigy multistar battery 14.8v 10000mah


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Sep 24, 2016
HI, these are the turnigy multistar battery 14.8v to output in amps is 10c rating with 20c burst ....sound low but think at 10c its 100amp continous and at 20c bursts that 200amps! I have 8 brand new ones for sale asking 55.00 each and 8.00 shipping The more you buy the more you save especially with shipping again this is the lowest I know of on the net, I use to sell on ebay but never again!...and have over 600 100% positive feedback....but now they just rip people off with fees....pm or message me with your thoughts even if just curious ....thanks
Don't get them from ebay! yuk.....I'm in arizona usa............shipping fees cover most usa