trek 800 Antelope


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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I snagged 2 bikes for free off clist yesterday a 1991 TREK Antelope in relatively good shape and a Raleigh Relient from 1980.

The former owner was no mechanic as he put it himself, and wanted to restore the bikes to peak condition but didn't have the chops to do it. The relient is far to large for me to ride with any comfort but it is a nice bike, Raleigh branded Suntour 7 components (lowend but Suntour and functioning perfectly), 27in tires and rims. Tires are shot but rims are in good shape. Some rust on the chrome of the front forks. I'll be able to get it good enough to sell for a few dollars. The frame is probably more valuable to the fixie crowd than the bike restored. SO I'm torn.... The compnents on it are better than those on the antelope and would make the antelope a better bike.

So the Antelope... it has a 17.5 or 18 inch frame. Black with blue lettering. Steel frame, solid feeling. Perfect for motorizing. It was a low end early TREK so they go pretty cheap now. The frame is really nice. But everything that they put on it is pure crap. ANd I mean that in the nicest most objective way. The components are all the cheapest plastic crap that Shimano made in teh early 90s the exage line. They function perfectly though. They click through the gears very easily.

So now I have the frame for my winter build. But where do I start, do I make an unholy b@stardization of the raliegh and trek- put the suntour road bike components from 1980 onto the 1991 trek? Or better yet, what about teh 1974 Suntour components I have from the Iverson???

I have some thinking to do.