Tranmissions for a 4 stroke


Jan 7, 2017
Anyone have an opinion on what's the best transmission for a 49 cc huasheng? I'm sticking with that engine since it's legal where I am and my kids ride the motorized bikes so I don't need them to go too fast. If I used the bike every day as a commuter it would be a different matter but these are mostly for fun and to get my son down to ocean about 2 miles away by road.

I have one that is belt drive and one that is chain drive. The difference I see is the belt drive is faster off the line but that's probably just the gearing. Also my bike with the belt drive has racked up the miles and I bought it used so I have no idea how many miles. I do know that it seems to be long lived.

Question? Does someone make a bearing that can replace the brass bushing on the belt drive transmissions? I have worn out a busing in not that long of a time. Seems to be a weak part. A bearing should last for a very long time and it would be a constant where as the busing wears down over time.