Torque converter clutch vs centrifical clutch...


Nov 24, 2014
seattle, wa
So I already know not 24/7 my clutch fully locks up..... stays locked in for about 5-10 minutes then slips the whole ride...

I don't wish to further the usage with centrifugal clutches due to stop and go situations as they say not fully locking up clutch + uphills lead to burn ups of the system and overheating.

I do not wish to change my sheave or modify a bicycle rim to fit my wheel as well... I feel just fine with my 35mph.

What clutch.... excuse me "torque converter would you recommend?"

I don't have tension issues but am using a sliding/slidable homemade idler pulley from a old dodge caravan....

In theory a torque converter also qualifies it's self as a manual tensioner as the torque converter presses against the v belt. Thus controlling the length until it's stretched out of throw...

Budget is $50.00 then I will be riding it to work uphills 3 days a week.