to all noobs with problems


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Sep 30, 2012
I have about 60 years of working on stuff, but if I don't know every part inside, I still pick up a manual or a web forum text before I ever touch a wrench.

Goggle can give you an answer, but there's no way for you to know if it is the answer to YOUR problem until you read enough to get some understanding to go with the answer.

These things are simple in that there are only about 12 moving parts in the motor, but one still must learn a bit about them before working on them.


Sep 8, 2014
These engines are so simple I had trouble believing that they could run at all.
2 strokes are bizarre compared to 4 strokes. The 4 strokes' valves keep everything all neat and orderly, make a lot of sense.
These things are blowing and sucking at the intake, the fuel air mix is slobbering all over the bottom end. The cylinder is full of ports and windows any of which could (but never does) break the rings which are pinned in place. Weirdness all around.
Getting a tuned pipe tuned would be a real adventure in resonance/rpm and porting and plumbing, too.
Still, for the money, they can't be beat.

I'd tell noobs to remember that nothing in the kit is commonly available at the store, so don't break any doodads and take special care and plenty of time on the initial install.
Patience will pay off big time. Use blue loctite. Solder your wiring.
Have fun!