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    yes another minor tip from the Village Idiot.

    Today I removed my basket from the front of the Frankinchopper. When I did I lost my storage space so I had to improvise Most of it got bungeed to the rack on the back no sweat but I had a problem with my twelve oz bottle of premix. I doubt that many of you need to carry spare gas but I do. So when the plastic photo chemical bottle filled with gas got turned on its side it weeped gasoline. I was about to leave the bottle at home when I realized that I could make a perfectly acceptable seal for a gas bottle. God knows I had a ton of the sealant around.

    I took the cap inside and trimmed a bit of bicycle inner tube to line the bottom of the cap. Screwed it on tightly, and wala no more weeping. I'm sure you all have thought of this before but just in case it's something I found useful.

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