Timing 180 out?? not possible on a 4-stroke

Professor Logic

New Member
May 27, 2019
Don't think that you're going to rotate the cam gear or flywheel 180 degrees and it's all good. It will be in the same orientation as before doing essentially nothing! The cam gear makes one revolution for every two complete revolutions of the crank. The spark plug fires on every Revolution. If your 180 out it'll still be in time but if the cam gear has been installed outside the retard/advance tolerances then the engine won't run, at least not correctly. Once spark, compression, and air fuel mixture have been eliminated as the problem most likely culprit is a misaligned cam. The timing key on-the-fly wheel literally locks your timing. You have to change the timing key meaning buy one designed a little different than the other. Go online, you'll find keys with six degrees of Advance or three degrees of retard there's a bunch of them if you want to change your timing. You can 't change the timing otherwise,.... unless.... you reinstall your cam gear differently than it came from the factory. If you're off by two teeth or more you have major problems. It must be fixed internally, so crack the case, set the Piston at top dead center, look at the timing mark on the cam gear. If it's not pointed directly at the crank(OR 180 OUT!!!! ) , disengage the cam gear and rotate it until it does. Your problem should be fixed if it's timing related. Don't believe the myth. The 180 out theory is fundamentally flawed. If you understand the Dynamics of a 4-stroke engine it's really easy to understand that either 0' or 180' is correct..... on a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine