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Discussion in 'Instructions for Building and Repairing Motorized ' started by Bikeguy Joe, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Here are a few thoughts I had, wanted to share them especially for/with the newbs.

    Although it isn't crucial that the chain be in perfect alignment, it helps with smoothness, wear and the chain staying on.

    Having the rear sprocket centered and mounted so it doesn't wobble side to side is also not absolutely crucial, but helps A LOT with noise, smoothness and longevity of the chain/tensioner and sprockets.

    Finally, and I write this because I see a lot of it- do not over tension your chain!

    Not only will it increase wear and noise AND vibration, it also causes a lot of un needed problems with the stock tensioner.

    Finally, over tightening the chain will cause rapid wear to the rear wheel bearings and the countershaft sprocket bearings (clutch shaft bearings).

    You may not notice it right away, but it's happening.

    3/4" of freeplay is about right.

    Thanks for listening,
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