This looks like fun..... from Downunder.

Husky Power

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Dec 11, 2016
Bendigo, Vic
Hi All,

About a month ago i was given an early xmas present from a mate.

Picture 1.jpg

Although it looks intact it is not working but neither of us know anything about them. i am a mechanical engineer, spent two years overhauling V6 and V8's have fixed my mower and whipper snipper more times than i can count but this one even had me head scratching.

It looks pretty new from what i can tell and not used much so to prevent myself doing this zpt
i thought i might do a little research which lead me here.

i will probably need to rebuild the motor as it is very dry inside with no lube visible or grease anywhere. I will start a thread in the appropriate place for this but as i have no idea what i'm doing i'll need lots of guidance



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Oct 21, 2012
Welcome. You're like me...I WAS a Mechanical Engineer (programmer now), and just about the only thing I have now to justify my college education is my mobo!

Yep...looks a standard 66cc 2-stroke. That chain looks too tight...should have about 1/4" slack, and I'd get rid of that extended intake-plenum for a shorty. I assume you've removed the head and checked the cylinder for scoring. If that looks cool, check the magneto-coil for good grounding, and a resistance of about 320k-ohms at the blue-wire.


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Oct 22, 2016
That is definitely a 2 stroke Chinese motor. The give away for almost all 2 strokes is the manifolds in the middle of the jug. These motors require gas oil mix. Dont sink too much into this motor. If it's burned up inside trash it dont rebuild it. The whole kit rus $120 before shipping and I'm sure I could find it cheaper if I just looked. I'm sure we can all help you get this up and running. Have fun