There is a motorized office chair in BHC AZ


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Jan 20, 2008
Arizona Bullhead
News from The Associated Press

I have passed one guy ( with a motorized office chair in BHC AZ ) several times.
He is not all ways facing his direction of travel!
When I ride I usually attract huge numbers of mini bikes Go-peds and other illegal motorized stuff on a public street .The POLICE usually round up these young offenders. LOL
MY motorized bicycle is LEGAL.
The only time I have been stopped.
This was on purpose to see what the local police would DO .
Two California rolls through two separate stop signs and 3 or 4 large lazy esses curb to curb. when the Local police who was right behind me finally applied his siren.
I stopped with a huge grin and said "YES OFFICER" .
He spurted "You still have to obey the rules of rhe road ".
Still sporting a hugh grin I replied "YES OFFICER".
I have never been stopped since.
I don't do California rolls any more, I still do curb to curb lazy esses.
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