The Yahoo Purple Pedal Contest is here


Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
Awhile back I set up the Yahoo Ricknbilly Group some of you here have joined and posted on. The reason I did it was to have yet another site where those interested in motorizing a bicycle might find a bit of info and the links that would bring them here. Yahoo didn't have a "Riquimbili" Group it seemed and just specualting that the word would go mainstream in time and people would see the group they could be directed here.

Well recently I wrote the Group admin's a nice little letter asking to submit the Group to their "Hot Groups" feature list. Well, they didn't think there was enough activity to merit that so they declined. :confused:

In the letter I suggested trying to get motorized bicycles and bicycle tourist to take pictures in their travels to showcase their part of the world as we've had some here recently in Portugal and Italy discuss. Well, That they liked and now they have a new contest for bike riders everywhere.

It's Yahoo's Purple Pedal Contest.

Yahoo! Start Wearing Purple

Here's more on the story

Yahoo! wants everyone to Start Wearing Purple | Marktd

But I think they liked my idea of these motorized bicycles traveling around the countryside drawing attention from people. That we tend to take photos and
videos to post is and attention draw. Couple it with Yahoo wanting to promote Purple as their color and go Global with their Photo Hosting with bicycle born photographers adding photos and video to the's a good time to be a "motorbicycler".

I'm figuring Purple Pedals may be the next big thing on motorbicycles !




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Oct 4, 2008
In the wind
If they had asked me I would have gone more this color motif.

Saving Yahoo or adding to their image is not very high on my agenda unfortunately but I do like the idea of the snapshot/timelapse and will have to get one of these and do that?

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