The usual tour of my town.


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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
So I decided to take the OCC StingRay out for a longer ride, planned for 20 miles was sidetracked near the end... I'll get to that later.

I decided to head for familiar territory, in case something serious happened that my tool kit couldn't handle.

So I cruised down 62 toward Danvers, then back up towards Beverly, snapped a pic at the welcome to Beverly sign. Then cruised down toward the edge of town, near the Farms area (rich side of town) then back towards the center of town. I had planned on heading further out towards Wenham and Hamilton when my throttle handle slipped off, I jammed it back on and headed toward a safe parking lot down the street. Pulled out my trusty tool kit, wiped the hand bar down, and reattached and tightened the throttle, and reattached the kill switch used a few zip ties to get things tighter. Then back on the road.

Out RT 22 and turned down my favorite cruising area, winding roads with little traffic, Cole ST and rode down rt 172 toward town again, turned off at the Central cemetery because the gates were OPEN!! Cruised through the cemetery, fantastically scenic too bad it's locked up ALL the time. I snapped a few pics.

After that I cruised on home. I did a total of 19 miles, average speed of 22.6 mph, top speed of 32 mph, and a ride time of 53 minutes. Engine and Speedo performed flawlessly. Love the new speedo.