The Spirit vs Led Zep lawsuit


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Jul 29, 2012
Central Illinois
For those of you unfamiliar with Spirit, this might not make a whole lot of sense. Of course.

But if you're fond of rather wild and competent rock and roll of the late 60s/1970s variety, then I'd suggest looking them up. You're liable to be impressed.

But anyway.....

I've made a terrible mistake! A two-part mistake. The lawsuit got me studying Spirit once again and my error has now been revealed to me.

You see....I started listening to their albums about thirty five years or so ago. I was very impressed and I still am. Yet I was not a fan of the longer instrumental 'jam' songs on those albums. Though I certainly recognized some fine musicianship in there. I simply thought that they were stronger as a singles band.

I'm afraid that I also was dismissive of the band after the departure of Jay Ferguson, Mark Andes and John Locke. I simply assumed that it just wouldn't be the same and I've never listened to those albums. "Son of Spirit" and so on.

Watching youtube vids, I can see that I was wrong, wrong, wrong. They were genuinely good in their three piece days. Including those ten minute instrumental jams.

I passed up a good chance to see them in about 1992 or so. I wish I hadn't done that.

Randy! Ed! I'd do it otherwise if I could. I'd go and see that show. And I'd make sure to talk to you just a bit and show my appreciation. Rest in peace.

Great, great band.

But wait.....the lawsuit was the subject, wasn't it?

My guess is that Randy California and Ed Cassidy probably felt that Jimmy Page had borrowed a riff from Randy, but that this did not equal stealing a song. There'd have been a lawsuit forty years ago otherwise.

The jackals made their move after Randy and Ed had passed away. I wish they hadn't done it. All they've accomplished is sullying the reputation of a band who deserves respect.