The back in the day BMX thread.
Jul 22, 2008
When I was growing up I wasn't one to beg at dad to get me a bike to go riding around in although I could have had dad buy me one. But I wasn't like that. I built my bike from the ground up and it got me around. Even with my bike being on the heavy side due to it being built from scrap parts It did it's job and the sheer weight of it kept me skinny when I went on my long rides.
But this one kid that was into BMX racing let me check out his bike. It was a Mongoose Supergoose with expensive parts three piece cranks lightweight wheels. He tells me it's his trainer bike a but heavy. His Redline was used for racing it weighed in at less than 20 pounds he tells me. But in any event riding that Supergoose after riding my ground up bike it felt like I had lost a hundred pounds. All this happened around 1980ish before bike pegs and spinner bars were the norm.
Well anyway I got into cars and marriage and the rat race now motorizing bikes and never bought me my own Supergoose with that hole on that frame up front that I had always wanted. Now I'm finding myself looking for one on craigslist every day complete with all the pads ready for race day.
It's strange how now I want to step back in time and get what was out of my reach years ago.
Yea. I'm 280 pounds. Yea it's not the same. I would be better off with a 24 inch wheel BMX bike bla bla bla.
But I can still ride that puppy. Even if it's just around the block.