Thanks for the add. I'm Bob from Wichita falls, Texas .


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Nov 23, 2019
Again thanks, I have just started building these and been reading everything I can on yours and other sites. As a former pro motocross racer, I am now old and decrepit, and retired and disabled from a bad auto accident, so now I enjoy tinkering on these and building a few to sell locally. Look forward to fellow-shipping with y'all as we say down here and appreciate all of you who offer free advice to help us newbies,here are a couple of early builds and they just keep getting better, thanks again and God Bless y'all!


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kelly dean

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Oct 3, 2019
Hi Bob and welcome to the forum, some good looking bikes there. I'm currently working on my 6th and 7th build and i can only speak for myself but i've made them increasingly more complex as i progress and this is a great place with a vast store of accumulated knowledge on these things and some great people willing to help with problems.... kelly
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Oct 23, 2015
The buyers need to know how finicky 2 stroke Chinagirl engines are. Most laws that I've seen on the books suggest a 49cc or less/20 mph limit for, what they call a motor assisted bicycle. That much is true in Texas but in the nearly 4 years that I've been riding, I've only been asked about the bike by officers and never pulled over. Make sure your clients are aware of their responsibilities. I would not in any case offer refunds due to the relatively fragile nature of these engines. The rear hub on inexpensive bicycles usually can't stand up to the torque these engines provides. In the long run I've had and seen others who's hubs failed catastrophically. Using the rag joint is imo a bad move. Give them a leg up with at least a hub adapter installed.

Welcome to the forum Bob!!!
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Dec 31, 2014
Hi Bob and welcome! Nice bikes. I'm less than 100 miles North of you in Indian Territory. I'm a survivor of the huge "Hotter than ****" bicycle event down there and it's aptly named.

Lot of us mature folks enjoy this forum and yes fellowship is a great term for what we're about...regardless of age. As Kelly mentioned her multiple builds, progressively complex and beautifully designed I'll add, this hobby grows on some of us and becomes a passion. I think much of this is due to our sense of community and open sharing of ideas as we get to know each other. I especially enjoy the younger members, some of whom have great skills in design and fabrication, as well as trade skills, welding, automotive and machining. Others have relatively no experience but are eager to learn and this is a place to foster newbies young and old.

Join in, post often and that includes photos, which you already figured out!

Rick C.
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