Tell the President elect what you think

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Jan 8, 2008
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You don't have to like him....heck if that was the criteria for politics, I don't think anyone would be in office.


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Oct 4, 2008
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I haven't seen any new comments posted since the 22nd? Maybe the transportation elves are all busy with something else. But if you read the comments in there, and they mostly all read alike surprisingly, there are many that would like to see Monorails installed all over the place. Well, geez, how much money do you think that will take? And the truckers just want the freedom to park whereever they please which doesn't bother me a bit.

Speaking of truckers I wish truckers would let you draft them like they did in the olden days. I used to get pretty good mileage out on the thruway doing that.

But for the most part it seems that folks are missing the general concept that we have dug ourselves a pretty deep hole in the US transportation wise. Sure we have miles and miles of super highways that are the envy of the world around us. Oh wait, they aren't are they? Just the upkeep alone on those roads is enough to bankrupt a decent sized country. Yeah, we should have paid more attention to public transportation all these years and in the end we will pay for it. But those of us that are smart enough to see the highway for the cars know that there are other options.

But just saying make more pedestrian and "bicycle" access is not going to do much. Cause not many want to walk or pedal a bike and those that do are pretty much already doing so with a few stragglers joining up once in awhile because their doctor said to exercise. But the percentage is small in the grand scheme of things for sure.

We know the answer at least to many peoples problems. The Motor Assist Bicycle, and it is our duty, whether we like the people we are talking to or not, to help raise the consciousness of this important segment of the transportation puzzle onto the right track and get the transportation train rolling. Viva La Orange Blossum Special!
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