Tanaka 32cc Nitromethane Experiment


Jemma Hawtrey

New Member
Dec 29, 2007
Essex, UK
38mph with a 32cc Tanaka. That's pretty impressive. Nothing beats the sound of a two cycle revving to the hilt.
After a race, if I'm not in the front of the pack I need cough medicine to help me sleep better. Being behind someone who's running methanol irritates my eyes as well as my lungs.
Nitromethane (or the methanol in it) degrades into formaldehyde and formic acid in the human body. That is what poisons the body in the case of methanol poisoning.

The burning in the eyes is likely due to small amounts of these two chemicals getting into the eyes. This is the part of the body that reacts first in cases of environmental or accidental exposure to Methanol.

Incidentally.. I have just put in a small foam pad to try and quieten the intake of the Tanaka. I have run the motor in the same space before... its only with the nitro in it that it set the fire alarm off..

Jemma xx